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Real Estate Asset Management

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Real Estate Asset ManagementDelger Real Estate works with owners & investors to increase the value of their properties and improve their return on investment. We help maintain properties, and reduce the burden of real estate ownership. Whether a single personal residence, or a portfolio of investment properties Delger Real Estate has the specialized skills and experience to ensure success.

Real estate asset management is the process of managing and maximizing the value of a real estate asset. Delger Real Estate assists clients in identifying, acquiring, and maintaining properties that generate income or appreciate in value over time.

Real Estate Asset Management Services We Offer

  • Conducting Market Research
  • Identifying & Acquiring Real Estate
  • Budgeting, Forecasting, & Reporting
  • Overseeing Property Maintenance And Repair
  • Home Monitoring(Air Quality Testing, Temperature Monitoring, Leak Detectors, etc.)
  • Impact Management(Reducing Utility Usage)
  • Developing & Implementing Strategies To Increase Property Value(Maintenance/Remodel)
  • Reducing The Burden Of Real Estate Ownership

A property can cost quite a bit of money to maintain when you consider operational costs, maintenance, closing costs, and taxes. Delger Real Estate advises clients on ways to reduce the ownership and maintenance costs of properties. We advise clients on preventative maintenance and repairs, and manage contractors for work performed.

Delger Real Estate also helps clients with Real Estate Impact Management. Buildings are responsible for more than 40% of global energy used, and as much as one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions per the International Standard Organization. Minimising a home’s impact on the environment and maximising its energy efficiency doesn’t require it to be a “green home“. For both real estate investors and individual home owners Real Estate Impact Management and “Smart Home Management” can mean substantial cost savings and reduce the impact your property has on the environment.

Delger Real Estate assists clients with implementing home monitoring sensors for temperature drops, water leaks, and more. Furnace outages and water leaks can cause serious damage to your home, especially if undetected. Placing water leak detectors near repeat offenders like sump pumps, water heaters, washers or sinks can help you mitigate water damage by sending alerts. Temperature monitors send alerts when the internal temperature of property drops below a safe level. Automatically monitoring temperature drops and water leaks provides peace of mind to owners, and prevents expensive maintenance repairs.

Please Contact Delger Real Estate to learn more about Real Estate Asset Management.